Giants Of History

This book, Giants of History, continues the same amazingly beautiful collection of Poetry, Songs & Inspirations that have touched the hearts of so many, and may even change the world. Yet, despite the amazing beauty of these works, they go beyond “Entertainment,” for this author’s main goal is to build a better humanity.
If humanity is to survive and rise to be its best, we must learn not to repeat the sad mistakes of History, that have caused so much misery and poverty and death.
Instead of following loud Fools that seek to divide us with Hate, we must become Critical Thinkers, and realize that Love can bring Peace, Unity, and Prosperity.
The greatest Heroes of History are often little known, as many did not seek fame, were those who opened Hearts and Minds to build a better world.
Without the voices of sanity, humanity might not exist today; This book is my little gift to the Real Heroes, and I hope you will be one also.


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